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Nimbus Flatland/Freestyle ISIS Wheelset

Lightweight flatland/freestyle wheelset, for those who demand low weight and the highest performance componentry. Features a double-walled rim, lightweight clear inner tube, Maxxis Grifter tyre and strong ISIS-splined Nimbus hub.

This wheelset was built for the Nimbus Equinox Freestyle unicycle, but can also be used as a flatland wheel. The wide, eyeletted Alex DX2418 rim spreads out the Maxxis Grifter tyre wide, giving you a larger, more stable contact patch with the ground. At only 440 grams, the Grifter tyre is one of the lightest 20" tyres you can get and has a good tread pattern for unicycling. For lower rotating weight Nimbus has specced the very cool, self healing Foss Clear Inner Tube - only 143g.

Features a strong Nimbus ISIS Hub - a tried and true hub that'll stand up to the harshest conditions. The wheel was carefully handbuilt by's own wheelbuilder Tony Melton.

14 gauge spokes are used, allowing for easy replacements should you break a spoke.

Cranks and pedals sold separately.

Note: this wheelset fits frames with 42mm diameter bearing holders, such as KH frames and Nimbus II ISIS frames. You can also fit it in a Nimbus 20" unicrown frame, as found on the Axis 20" and Hoppley 20" unicycles.


Sold separately
Nimbus ISIS Hub
Sold separately
20" Alex DX2418 Rim 36H
Rim Tape
20" Rubber Rim Tape
14 Gauge Spokes
20" Clear Inner Tube
Self healing and lightweight!
Maxxis Grifter 20 x 2.1" Tyre
Shipping Weight
In Stock

Happy Customers

I ordered the unicycle at about 10.30am one day and it arrived at my door on Auckland's North Shore at 8.30am the next day. I'm not sure that's even possible, but it happened! Having never owned a uni cycle before I didn't know what to expect, but it soon became apparent why it looks so robust, because it needs to be. I've spent about three and a half hours on it so far and making good progress, although I'm not entirely in control of where I'm going yet. But I'm very happy with the product and the information that was supplied with it. It's the complete package for a beginner. Thank you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you (I already have) to others. Bruce more...


Nimbus Flatland/Freestyle ISIS Wheelset
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Nimbus Flatland/Freestyle ISIS Wheelset
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