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Nimbus Cyko Lite Trials Tyre

Nimbus have come through with the goods on this tyre! Weighing in at a mere 840 grams, this is the lightest trials tyre on the planet! Hop higher and gap further with a Nimbus Cyko Lite tyre.

This is a 20 x 2.5" sized tyre to fit 19" trials rims such as the KH Freeride 19" rim and the Nimbus Trials 19" rim. It will not fit standard 20" rims.
Large volume tyre for extra bounce and shock absorbtion.

Size: 20 x 2.5" (67-387)
Rim Size: Trials 19"
Colour: Black
Type: Trials, hopping, street and flatland riding
Pressure: 35-50 PSI
Weight: 840g*
Recommended Inner Tube: 20" trials inner tube

*Note: 840 grams is an average weight. Individual tyre weights may vary above or below this weight due to manufacturing constraints. Such variation in weights is common to all mass produced tyres.

As seen on: UDC Trials 20", Nimbus Trials Bling, Nimbus Trials Destroyer, Nimbus Equinox Street, KH20 ISIS Long Neck Hybrid, KH20 Hybrid


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Happy Customers

I ordered the unicycle at about 10.30am one day and it arrived at my door on Auckland's North Shore at 8.30am the next day. I'm not sure that's even possible, but it happened! Having never owned a uni cycle before I didn't know what to expect, but it soon became apparent why it looks so robust, because it needs to be. I've spent about three and a half hours on it so far and making good progress, although I'm not entirely in control of where I'm going yet. But I'm very happy with the product and the information that was supplied with it. It's the complete package for a beginner. Thank you. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you (I already have) to others. Bruce more...


Nimbus Cyko Lite Trials Tyre
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Nimbus Cyko Lite Trials Tyre
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Nimbus Cyko Lite Trials Tyre
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Nimbus Cyko Lite Trials Tyre
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